Innovative Technology

The technology of the cans lay in the patented design of the seal and the ability to be substituted for existing metal cans. Innovation is the feature of the PROMAX technology. Promax cans have been designed as a two piece can. Cans may have pouring openings as part of the body with filling from the base or with pouring openings included in the base (end). All cans are totally tamper proof.

ISBM System

The use of the ISBM system allows cans to be produced with varying body shapes. The laser sealing system along with the material deformed system in the seal is available for large and small diameter cans producing a total positive seal. The laser welding system would replace existing metal sealing machines.

Various Designs

Promax cans are provided with several methods of opening including an in moulded ring-pull system. Cans are available in natural, coloured and clear. Current sizes available are 5 litre, 1 litre 0.957 litre 0.577 litre 250 ml, 200 ml and 155 ml.

Flexible Manufacturing

Promax Containers and its licensees can advise on shrink sleeves as well as other decoration methods. We also can advise on pasteurisation and other processing methods. Development methods are in hand for improving the Oxygen transfer of multi layer Polypropylene and the effect on individual products.

PROMAX cans have been found to be very competitive in price!

PROMAX cans are very competitive in price when compared with steel cans.